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  1. The competition is open to Italian, foreign and overseas musician.
  1. The competition will take place in Rocchetta a Volturno (IS) on the 13th, 14th and 15th July 2018.
  1. There are six sections:
  I section
II section
III section
IV section
V section
VI section
- Piano solo
- Piano interpretation
- Four hand piano playing or two pianos
- Piano and orchestra ensemble
- Chamber Music
- First notes
  1. The application form prepared according to the form enclosed in this invitation, in original or photocopy, must be sent by recorded delivery, to the secretariat of the competition by and not later than the 06 July 2018, all mail-in applications must be postmarked no later than this date, and sent to the following address: PRO-LOCO ROCCHETTA, Piazza San Domenico 5 – 86070 Rocchetta a Volturno(IS). The application form must include the following documentation:
  1. Facsimile of birth and residence certificate or self-certification with a photocopy of identity card which will be subsequently presented at the moment of the audition;
  2. photocopy of receipt of payment by Postal Order or Bank Transfer to a/c IT 05 A 08327 40520 000000014235 at theB.C.C. Roma Agenzia 39 Castel di Sangro (AQ) made payable to: PRO-LOCO Rocchetta.
  1. Registration fees, non-refundable, understood as a contribution towards organizational costs, will be distributed as follows:
  Sec. I

Sec. II
Sec. III
Sec. IV
Sec. V
Sec. VI
Cat.    A, B
Cat.    C, D
Cat.    E
Cat.    F
Cat.    G
Cat.    H
Cat.    I
Cat.    L
€ 40
€ 50
€ 60
€ 70
€ 80 (for both competitors)
€ 70
€ 30 (for each component)
€ 20 (for each component)
  1. The maximum age for each category will be reviewed on 01/07/2018. Contestants may enrol in a category that foresees a higher age limit than one’s actual age and may participate in multiple sections provided that applications have been made separately. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
  1. The auditions will proceed in strict alphabetical order for each category according to a timetable which the secretariat will communicate to all contestants in due time. Contestants who result absent at the time of their audition will be excluded from the competition. Unless the absence is justified by compelling reasons, in which case, the contestant, after terminating his/her specific piano audition category, shall be heard by the commission whose decision is final and irrevocable.
  1. The auditions are public. In the event of radio or television broadcasting the contestants will not have any right to claim or make any financial demands from the organizing association.
  1. II Section Piano Interpretation CAT. F consists in the execution of a 50 minutes, free choice program that must include a Prelude and Fugue by J.S. Bach and a upper difficulty study of the romantic or late romantic piano repertoire.
  1. The IV Section Piano and orchestra Cat. H consists in a single audition of a W.A. Mozart concert, chosen by the contestant. The candidates must choose their own supporting pianist.
  1. In the V section Chamber Music, CAT. I may include the arrangements of chamber and orchestral music.
  1. The jury composed by Directors, Teachers from the Conservatoire and renowned musicians. The decisions of the jury are final, irrevocable and definitive and will be expressed by voting in hundredths in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed upon before the beginning of the auditions.
  1. Members of the Commission cannot present their own students nor have any ties of kinship with competitors.
  1. The use of aid adaptations and transcriptions of the music pieces presented are not allowed.
    Before each audition, the contestant must have a copy of his/her music recital made available to the judge.
    The jury reserves the right to stop a performance should the competitor exceed the maximum duration time allowed for the audition.
    Contestants have the option to play pieces of shorter duration time than the time limit set for each category.
    If the jury is unable to express a classification rank, it has the opportunity to convene a further audition by inviting certain contestants to reappear.
  1. An Outright First, First, Second and Third Prize will be awarded to each category of the six sections. The results of the auditions will be announced separately for each category, during which the second and third finalists will be awarded diplomas.
    Diplomas and scholarships for the First Prize Winners will be awarded on the final evening which will be held on 15th July 2018; winners of the competition categories will be obliged, under penalty of losing the prize, to perform in the grand concert. The Winner of the Competition will be chosen among all the participating contestants. If no first prizes are awarded, at the sole discretion of the jury, the prize money shall be donated to the second prizes of each category or to a particularly deserving contestant.
    Evening dress is compulsory for the evening gala.
    For the concerts with prize-winners there is no remuneration except an expense reimbursement (for Italian territory only) by arrangement with the organizational committee.
  1. A secretary recording the minutes shall be present during the competition. The Artistic Director has the right to make possible changes to this announcement. The Association organizer disclaims all liability for any damage to persons or property. The Court of Isernia will have jurisdiction over any disputes/controversies.